Child colouring in - Out of schools activities

Out of School Activities

At Harton Village Kindergarten, we know that the needs of all our children are unique and we carry the same knowledge that we have built up in all of our Out of School activities. We make sure that the activities our club provides are tailored to both the children attending them and their desired outcomes.

The activities and play opportunities available to the children are planned to enrich their learning experience and contribute towards their learning and development. We make sure that the children have a mix of structured activities led by our out of schools team and more active learning opportunities where they can choose suitable activities for themselves. We make sure that everything we do in our Out of School clubs is appropriate for the ages and interests of the children taking part and suitable for the club's environment.

We make sure to provide the children with plenty of active and outdoor play, especially during the Holiday Clubs where children are attending longer, by making use of our private garden area. We also plan and schedule day trips for fun and interesting days out for the children where they can enjoy experiences outside of the Holiday Club.


Below you can see an example of some of the activities and play opportunities available at our Out of School clubs:

Lego bricks - Out of schools activities
  • Playing & Learning Activities

  • Construction

  • Books & Games

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Writing

  • Outdoor & Physical Play

  • Private Garden

  • Outings & Field Trips

  • Multimedia

  • Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii consoles

  • Cinema Nights & DVDs

  • Music