A member of staff playing with a child in our Sunflower Room

The Sunflower Room (3 - 4 years)

Every day is a learning experience in the Sunflower Room where the staff help to encourage the children's independence including at meal times, putting on hats and coats, and tidy up time.

The sunflower room caters for children aged 3 - 4 years with staff working on a 1-4 ratio for children aged up to three years and a 1-8 ratio for children aged 3years and over. In this room we aim to support each individual child in their learning and development by carefully providing an exciting and challenging learning environment. The Sunflower room has direct access to the outdoor area so children have the opportunity to spend much of their day exploring nature, jumping in puddles and making mud pies.

Staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework throughout all aspects of their provision to ensure the curriculum is met and children are well prepared when they progress to the school readiness room. The nursery uses Tapestry, an online learning journal system which enables parents to follow their child's progress closely and add their comments. Staff in the Sunflower room welcome and encourage parent/ carer involvement in the learning journals so they can find out what your child really enjoys doing at home so we can provide a stimulating and inspiring environment for your child to learn in.

In the Sunflower room staff work hard to ensure every part of the day is a learning opportunity including developing good hygiene practices, encouraging independence at meal times, putting own coats and hats on, self registration and tidy up time. Each child is allocated a key worker when they first start the Sunflower room, this experienced member of staff works closely with your child and the parent/ carer to find out as much information as possible for when they first start nursery with us.

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