We Are Outstanding!

It's official, Harton Village Kindergarten has been given an Outstanding grading by Ofsted!

In October 2018 we had our first Ofsted inspection here at Harton Village Kindergarten. Everyone at the nursery worked extremely hard to make sure Harton is the best nursery that it can be and we were extremely proud to have had our hard work rewarded by being awarded an Outstanding grading from Ofsted.

We would like to thank everyone involved with our nursery for all the hard work and effort they have put in to help us reach this amazing achievement. We could not have done this without everyone's dedication to the nursery.

As always we will keep pushing ourselves to improve and provide the best care for all the children at our nursery and we will work to ensure that Harton Village Kindergarten will always be setting the standard for outstanding childcare.

Read a copy of our outstanding Ofsted report.

Staff and children at Harton Village Kindergarten celebrating our Outstanding grading.

Our Report

Our Ofsted report is a glowing statement about our nursery, why we are such an Outstanding childcare provider and what it is that makes our nursery so special. The inspector covers our knowledgable and approachable, how they can connect and form bonds with the children they care for, the quality of the learning we provide, how much progress children make while at our nursery and much, much more. We have picked out some of our favourite pieces below but we fully recommend that you read through the report youself, you can find a copy of our outstanding report here.

The quality of teaching is outstanding. Exceptionally knowledgeable staff inspire children with an inspirational range of learning opportunities.

Children develop an incredibly strong bond with their key person and other members of staff.

Children make excellent progress in communication and language. Staff adapt their language effectively when talking to children. Staff take swift action when they identify children who require further support. This helps to close any gaps in learning rapidly.

Staff are highly skilled at identifying what children need to learn. They expertly plan activities which are linked to children's interests.

Children make consistently high rates of progress. They are extremely well prepared for the next stage in their learning.