The Daffodil Room (School Readiness)

Helping children prepare for school is one of many important elements of what happens in our Daffodil Room.

The Daffodil room at Harton Village Kindergarten is our school readiness room, where the learning experience is focused on preparing your child for reception class. Staff are very experienced in their roles ensuring all children receive a high quality early learning experience whilst preparing them for school.

Key workers carry out observations and complete online learning journals which parents are encouraged to read and share their experiences of their child's learning and interests at home. By focussing upon the children's individual interests and ideas, whether this is puddles, dinosaurs, shadows or treasure hunts, staff provide and exciting, challenging and stimulating environment.

Preparing for School

Readiness for school is a big part of the Daffodil Room as they get closer to this exciting time in their lives. The children participate in self-service at snack and meal times, serving their own meals using school meal trays in preparation for school. PE sessions allow children the opportunity to participate in a range of planned activities focusing upon developing different skills. A computer and tablet are always available for the children to develop their IT skills, using a variety of educational software.

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