Children and staff in the Buttercup Room playing with geometric shapes

The Buttercup Room (0 - 2 years)

Our focus in the Buttercups is to provide a calm and warm emotional environment for babies where they feel loved, cared for and happy to play and explore.

Children start their journey with us in our Buttercup Room which caters for children aged 6 weeks up to 2 years. This space is divided into two separate areas to provide a quiet area for sleep time ensuring the individual care, needs and routines of the babies are met. During the induction process each child will be allocated an experienced key worker who will listen closely to parents and carers to provide a detailed care plan.

A day in the Buttercups

Staff carefully plan a safe, stimulating and caring environment that meets the individual needs and interests of the babies. At this particular stage of development children's individual routines are paramount and met fully by care plans. Our team ensures all aspects of care such as nappy changing, bottle feeding, weaning and nap times are met in a caring and calm environment. Staff spend a great deal of their time giving babies loving care and attention with plenty of cuddles. With this in mind, the Buttercup room will be consistently staffed with the same team of people in order to maintain close relationships with the team and their key workers.

Many of the activities provided in the Buttercup Room focus upon sensory play and exploration. Examples include providing a range and variety of safe, open ended, every day materials through the use of treasure baskets and heuristic play. Sensory opportunities are also very messy and lots of fun including paint, foam, jelly and gloop. The baby room has access to their own sensory room providing a wider range of sensory experiences including bubble tubes, twinkly star ceiling, fish tank and fibre optic strands.

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