What Else You Can Find at Harton Village Kindergarten

At Harton Village Kindergarten we believe it is not only the exceptional standard of care that we provide that makes stand out amongst other nurseries, but what truly makes us special is what we offer to parents and our community outside of our nursery care.

Parent's can enjoy the on site Asilo Cafe with its freshly prepared food, drinks and cakes, or bring their children down to our Soft Play and Sensory facilities to provide them with learning and playing opportunities that they can't find anywhere else.

Sensory Room

Multi Sensory Room

Our Multi Sensory Room aims to provide stimulating opportunities that will enhance the child’s awareness of their environment through the senses of touch, sound, vision and smell, while helping stimulate their motor movements. The result is a specialist sensory facility that will allow the child to relax, or interact with and control all of the elements.

Only £2.50 for 30 minutes, all Sensory Room sessions can be booked online or through Harton Village Kindergaten.

Soft Play area in Asilo Café

Soft Play Area At Asilo Café

Our Soft Play area is now open at Asilo Café, located on site at Harton Village Kindergarten. Suitable for children of up to 6 years of age, you can bring your child down to Asilo Cafe to explore and enjoy our soft play adventure.

Only £2.50 for an hour. Group bookings and parties are available by contacting Asilo Café.

Asilo Café

Asilo Cafe

With a name meaning Kindergarten Café, Asilo Café is dedicated to being child friendly, supporting both Harton Village Kindergarten and our local community, it has a unique atmosphere that both parents and children can enjoy.

Asilo Cafe has been serving fresh food and hot drinks to our community since it opened alongide the nursery in September 2016. Pop in and enjoy freshly prepared cakes from our chef, Colin, the customer favourite Unicorn Milkshakes or any other item from our ever growing menu.