About Harton Village Kindergarten

Development Plans

This building is going to be extremely highly insulated with under floor heating, air source heat pumps and solar panels; we are investing in green energy along with efficiency. We are using old English Birtley Red brick for the sides and back of the building along with random stone for the front.

What We Are Aiming For

Our aim is to construct a top class sensory area for very young children, soft play for children up to 5, a full affordable children’s day nursery along with a tea and coffee shop for staff, parents and grandparents. We are landscaping all the grounds with a sensory garden for those children with additional needs. This is why we believe a sensory garden would be a great asset to children to be able to learn and develop in the early years.

We are dedicated to improving standards for the young children in our community which, we believe, is the most crucial stage of development for creating a foundation for future education.

Green Energy

We believe in creating a strong, protecting environment for the future of our children, in order to safeguard this we made a decision to implement energy saving solar panels on our nurseries to help improve our energy efficiency and to provide a more sustainable, green learning environment going forward.

We are great believers in doing our best to improve the long term sustainability of our planet and we will invest money where necessary to help in the long term battle against global warming. Although this has been an expensive outlay we know it will be worth it as it will secure our nurseries as childcare facilities well into the future.

Our Hopes For the Community

This facility will be an asset to our community, it is being developed for our community and it will always be here for children and parents that greatly need this type of support. We love our community and take great pride in everything we do.

We would be grateful for any kind words and support by any comments you might wish to leave on our website, any likes or sharing of this would greatly help our cause. We will continue to update you on the development of the site and what we are striving to achieve.

Kind regards from all the staff from West Park Kindergarten, Westoe Village Kindergarten and Bede Burn Kindergarten